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Hi Steve

What a result with Emotrance! Well, you were there so you saw me up on stage speaking to 300 people - I couldn’t have done it without your help. Public speaking has always been WAY out of my comfort zone – I lacked confidence and clarity and generally had a “rabbit in the headlights” reaction when faced with any occasion where I had to stand up and speak in front of a group.

But now I’m running my own business and I knew I needed to deal with this fear so I could speak about the services I have to offer.

The Emotrance session we did (over the phone) was so simple and so gentle, yet it dissolved that block I had.

Thank you


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Steve Bishop – Stress Test

To measure stress according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, the number of “Life Change Units” that apply to events in the past year of an individual’s life are added and the final score will give a rough estimate of how stress affects health.


Units = Adult Life Changes

Units Adult Life Changes Units Adult Life Changes
100 Death of a spouse 29 Trouble with in-laws
73 Divorce 28 Outstanding personal achievement
65 Marital separation 26 spouse starts or stops work
63 Imprisonment 26 Begin or end school
63 Death of a close family member 25 Change in living conditions
53 personal injury or illness 24 Revision of personal habits
50 Marriage 23 Trouble with boss
47 Dismissal from work 20 Change in working hours or conditions
45 Marriage reconciliation 20 Change in residence
44 Change in health of family member 20 Change in schools
40 Pregnancy 19 Change in recreation
39 Sexual difficulties 19 Change in church activities
39 Gain a new family member 18 Change in social activities
39 Business readjustment 17 Minor mortgage or loan
38 Change in financial state 16 Change in sleeping habits
35 Change in frequency of arguments 15 Change in number of family reunions
32 Major mortgage 15 Change in eating habits
30 Forclosure of mortgage or loan 13 Vacation
29 Change in responsibilities at work 12 Christmas
29 Child leaving home 11 Minor violation of law

 Scores of 300+ : You are at risk of illness

Scores of 150-299 : The risk of illness is moderate core

150+ : You only have a slight risk of illness



A modified scale has also been developed for non-adults. Similar to the adult scale, stress points for life events in the past year are added and compared to the rough estimate of how stress affects health

Units Non-Adult Life Changes Units Non-Adult Life Changes
101 Getting married 53 Jail sentence of parent for over 30 days
92 Unwed pregnancy 53 Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend
87 Death of parent 51 Beginning to date
81 Acquiring a visible deformity 50 Suspension from school
77 Divorce of parents 50 Birth of a brother or sister
77 Fathering an unwed pregnancy 47 Increase in arguments between parents
76 Becoming involved with drugs or alcohol 46 Loss of job by parent
75  Jail sentence of parent for over one year 46 Outstanding personal achievemen
69 Marital separation of parents 45 Change in parent’s financial status
68 Death of a brother or sister 43 Accepted at college of choice
67 Change in acceptance by peers 42 Being a senior in high school
64 Pregnancy of unwed sister 41 Hospitalization of a sibling
63 Discovery of being an adopted child 38 Increased absence of parent from home
63 Marriage of parent to step-parent 37 Brother or sister leaving home
63 Death of a close friend 34 Addition of third adult to family
62 Having a visible congenital deformity 31 Becoming a full fledged member of a church
58 Serious illness requiring hospitalization 27 Decrease in arguments between parent
56 Failure of a grade in school 26 Decrease in arguments with parents
55 Not making an extracurricular activity 26 Mother or father beginning work
55 Hospitalization of a parent

Scores of 300+ : You are at risk of illness

Scores of 150-299 : The risk of illness is moderate core

150+ : You only have a slight risk of illness