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Hi Steve

What a result with Emotrance! Well, you were there so you saw me up on stage speaking to 300 people - I couldn’t have done it without your help. Public speaking has always been WAY out of my comfort zone – I lacked confidence and clarity and generally had a “rabbit in the headlights” reaction when faced with any occasion where I had to stand up and speak in front of a group.

But now I’m running my own business and I knew I needed to deal with this fear so I could speak about the services I have to offer.

The Emotrance session we did (over the phone) was so simple and so gentle, yet it dissolved that block I had.

Thank you


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Steven Bishop – Testimonials

Hi Steve, I'm not sure how you did it, but I haven't bitten my nails since I saw you on Monday! It's amazing! thank you so much 🙂


Hi Steve

What a result with Emotrance! Well, you were there so you saw me up on stage speaking to 300 people - I couldn’t have done it without your help. Public speaking has always been WAY out of my comfort zone – I lacked confidence and clarity and generally had a “rabbit in the headlights” reaction when faced with any occasion where I had to stand up and speak in front of a group.

But now I’m running my own business and I knew I needed to deal with this fear so I could speak about the services I have to offer.

The Emotrance session we did (over the phone) was so simple and so gentle, yet it dissolved that block I had.

Thank you


Dear Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the help you gave me. I was in a really bad way when I first came to see you and, being a confirmed hardcore scientist, I was sceptical about coming. Well, science is all about drawing conclusions from observed results, and your results are without question. Rather than trying to 'fix' me, you gave me new skills which have massively increased my ability to cope.

I'm stronger and happier than I've been in a long time and I'm once again able to help those around me. I hope things are going well for you and that you have a good Christmas. All the best

Natalie W

(Cognitive Neuroscientist) Oxford University

Hi Stephen
Just want to say a massive thank you for your understanding and curing a lifelong problem (reason witheld for privacy). For the first time in a long time, everything around and inside me, has such profound feeling, colour, and sound it feels like I've been born again......I thank you for helping me really communicate and empathize with my own problems.

I'm always in awe of your work and have recommended you to other people. Thanks again for making life worth living again!
Best wishes

Helen T in Datchet

Hi Steve

I just wanted to give you a quick call to say thank you very much. You've done it...we've done it...however you want to say it, it's worked! The drive back was incredible (severe driving phobia), so, thank you so much... thank you, thank you, thank you!

JM in Burnham

Hi Steve

I've just realised that it's now three months since I came to see you which also means it's three months since I stopped smoking. I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic help you gave. I can honestly say that I haven't even thought about cigarettes since I saw you and nor shall I ever consider smoking again. I know that I couldn't have done it without your help, so a million thanks. My very best regards

John R in London

Hi Steve

Bernie's TestimonialWith your help I achieved my 'PADI Advanced Open Water Qualification! To think I found scuba diving terrifying before I was introduced to you! Here I am with a Giant Potato Cod, just to prove I did it.



Hi Steve.

Just a little feedback after nearly two weeks: NOT ONE PUFF! In fact it has been amazingly easy and I haven't struggled at all. I feel at times like I've never smoked! I've travelled in Europe twice in the last ten days, have been with smoking colleagues and others, in bars/pubs where others are smoking (in Spain), and have felt totally comfortable. My colleagues and friends are quite astonished at this, especially a couple who have tried this month to give up and have given in after going through hell.

One has taken a bet with me that if he can't kick it himself in 30 days, and if I'm still not smoking at that time, then he will sign up with you!
So thanks again, so far so good and I know it will continue. All the best, and look out for some referrals coming your way real soon!

PG in Windsor

Hi Steve

Dont know if you remember we met at Yoga Motion Centre back in March and I said I would only be convinced that I would not return to the evil weed if I went 3 months without smoking. WELL....its been 6 months and I can honestly say I will NEVER smoke again! Thank you!!!! Regards,

SJP in Burnham

"Steve has an innate ability to reduce the complex into simple and easy-to-understand terms. You'll find him very approachable and switched on, and his uncanny knack of identifying the real root cause of an issue makes him supremely effective at creating lasting change. He's even had clients fly all the way from Japan just to see him. Say no more!"

Andy Wilkinson, Clapham

Steve is a marvellous trainer, keeping us focused and laughing all the way. Normally after a weekend training I feel quite tired and exhausted but I just wanted to dance around and sing. I did not get stressed in the long traffic jam home and just sang along with the radio. I felt totally re-energised and so happy, thank you.

I am looking forward to helping clients with my new skills in the very near future.

MA - EmoTrance Course Participant.

Steve was made for the job, sensitive, lots of humour and connected.

AS - EmoTrance Course Participant.

Thought Steve was really good, confident in material, approachable, friendly.

CH - EmoTrance Course Participant.

Steve - I have to say that I am amazed! I have been seeing others for a couple of months for my depression without much improvement (acunpuncturist, counsellor, doctor etc) and I can't believe how well I feel after seeing you. I admit I was a bit sceptical when I first walked in to see you, but you really have done the trick! I can't thank you enough

LD in Maidenhead

"Steve is a consumate professional who always strives to be the best he can be. He has tremendous success with his clients, charisma and charm and is passionate in his desire to help others overcome their fears / phobias / anxieties or to help them achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. He comes highly recommended!"

Joan Woodcock, Maidenhead

Hi Steve

Having a wicked time in Cyprus. Was a bit anxious about flying, so checked in early and ended up behind the cockpit, sat in plane for 40 mins as delayed and was still bricking it... Took off, LOVED IT, wanted to land and do it all again!! What can I say, you're a star!! Cheers. Slough

Hi Steve

Am feeling great today, drove to work singing at the top of my voice. Am SO excited!! Went to the gym and felt better after just 1 day!! Take care

K. in Boreham Wood

Hi Steve.

Just thought I'd give you some feedback on our session last week. Our son (10 year old) is a totally changed boy. He is now back to being happy and has had no further episodes of bedwetting ever since seeing you. It has made a huge difference to my husband and I as well, we are now so relieved to have our happy little boy back. We'd tried everything including counselling and seeing a urologist and you were our very last hope. We can't thank you enough.


Hi Steve.

One year ago you changed our lives when you visited the group at our company premises. The freedom is FANTASTIC! Many thanks from 2 ex-smokers.

F&S.S. Reading

Over a week now, I think we've cracked it! Non-smoking and feeling great!

B.B. Bracknell

Why didn't I do this years ago!

M.H. Bracknell

I had my doubts but thought it was worth giving it a go. Thank you for changing my life!

I.E. Bracknell

Bought my first £100 premium bonds today due to not smoking and I still had £20 in my pocket from the weekend. So I treated my car to a car wash. Thanks!

I.S. Burnham

Gosh, it's hard to think of one specific positive today because everything seems to be falling into place so naturally.

K.G. Egham

I feel free!!! Does that sound strange?

S.S. Frimley

Have saved more than enough in this first week to fill up my car with petrol.


Hi Steve

I checked my wallet today and have saved £50 already. Not quite enough to go to Thailand yet, but it's a start.


Excited as I go to work for the first time in 20 years as a 'free person'. So pleased, as yesterday my ex'es mum who smokes lit up in my car and although I didn't like it, it didn't make me want one. I was so worried about that but the reaction felt really good.

S.P. Heathrow

The EFT course exceeded my expectations in theory, practice and supervision. As a practising Doctor who is going towards more drug-free approaches, I also found it enabled me to help people to help themselves by giving them simple but effective tools. My personal benefit was learning how to handle my own personal issues in an effective and simple way. Steve is very experienced and communicated with ease in a manner which was very supportive.

Doctor S.M. (Practising GP) Richmond

Still not smoking despite my Nan dying! I feel really strong about it.

M.M. Staines

Lost a stone and didn't feel a thing!!

N.C. Windsor

Dear Steve

Went out last night to a pub/restaraunt and felt the whole time like the non-smoker that I now am. All the best!

D.R. Windsor

Woke up a non-smoker for the first time.

J.M. Didcot

Firstly, I would like to say thankyou! I'm proud of myself and grateful to you that I have put smoking behind me and continue to carry on taking the right path. Getting easier all the time, YIPEE!!!!!

S.W. Slough

Thank you (for the fear of flying session). It worked, I had such a great flight out to Antigua. I have never been able to say that before!

K. A. Windsor (Chiropractor)

I awoke feeling surprisingly positive. I think my most powerful weapon is to remain in this positive frame of mind. I feel so much better about myself.

M.B. London

Well it's been a week today since I stopped smoking and am really getting to grips with it. The odd times when I would have wanted a fag, I just remember the three 'C's you told me about. Great stuff!!

M.T. Windsor

Still calm! Feeling fine & coping with the change in routine very well. Feeling happy!

M. Uxbridge

Thanks again for last week. My weekend went well and no signs of the jealousy i'm glad to say

S.W. Staines

Things are going really well and continuing to improve. I am now enjoying the act of making love for what it really is instead of worrying about whether I will loose my erection or not. In fact my wife said to me yesterday that she thinks I am more passionate now than I was even before I started having problems! Thanks for your help Steve

Name witheld for obvious reasons

Hi Steve, Good to hear from you - still not smoking - one year in July!

M.M. Staines

Hi Steve.

Just a note to say thank you so much for the course at the weekend. I really enjoyed it and am very excited about using EFT. You are an excellent, sensitive trainer and I will recommend you to everyone. I used it yesterday with a weight loss client who was quite depressed and she was amazed. By the way, I haven’t wanted any coffee for a couple of days. What IS going on here? Thank you sooo much

L.H. Stevenage (Therapist)

Just a quick note to say a big 'Thank You' for the EFT training course. I really enjoyed the weekend and feel I really consolidated my knowledge

L.C. Marlow (Therapist)

Got home safe and feeling much better, in fact what an amazing difference! I was talking to someone today about my brothers death - no probs!! I really do owe you one, so thank you so much. I still find at amazing that these techniques are so effective - in such a short time too, but I guess it's largely down to you being a master of your craft eh?! Take care

S.J. Fleet

Hiya Steve. Firstly - Thank-you! Secondly just to let you know.....(probably more for my benefit than yours I know) feeling ok....and am feeling ok about feeling ok....(hey brownie point there!)

T.B. (Therapist)

Just thought I would send you an email to thank you again and to let you know that yesterday i tried some strawberry jam on toast and later some raisons. I have been tapping (EFT technique) every morning and night, and have been tapping for the wasp thing and it seems to be working a treat.


The course was FAB! It really opened my eyes to what is possible. You are confident, full of information and supportive. Excellent! Continue doing much more of the same.

M.B. Sutton (Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Trainer)

Absolutely blown away with the EmoTrance course! I was able to deal with an issue that I had held onto for 15 years. I can't wait for the EFT one!

S.R. (Drug Rehab Officer for Youths)

Tuition was excellent! Having learned EmoTrance from books, it was helpful to have my techniques observed and to experience effects I had not previously experienced.

L.C. Marlow (Therapist)

The course exceeded my expectations, it was excellent value for money. The hands on experience was easy to follow in a relaxed atmosphere. It was also a chance to have £x worth of personal therapy at a small price

D.A. Bristol (Hypnotherapist, Kinesiologist)

The course exceeded my expectations. Personally, it will help by knowing better how to deal with emotions. Workwise, I will be definately be using the techniques as part of my job. Steve was very helpful and gave us lots of opportunity to practice the techniques and develop our proficiency.

M.P. Camberley (BSc hons, RGN, Hypnotherapist)

Quality of facilitation was very good and I will be adding these techniques to my toolbox of therapies

J.B. Reading (Hypnotherapist, NLP)

7 full days since stopping smoking, I would not have thought it possible.


Amazed myself by realising that I haven't given cigarettes a thought.

L.M. Windsor

7 days smoke free. Next 77 smoke free days then 777 smoke free days and god willing 7,777 smoke free days. All the best!

D.M. Hanwell

Steve, just a quick note to update on last weeks session. I really want to thank you for the difference you have made, I feel 100% better and have been grinning about life, which i have not done for a long time. I feel "light" and happy, and my little issues seems little now not overwhelming and dragging me down any longer. I have definately recommended you to some of my friends who I feel would benefit from meeting with you. Thanks again!

J.R. Eton